Twonky Media Receivers list


    I’m a new owner of a My Cloud. In the past I owned an Iomega Network Hard Drive, but

it didn’t work out - too many problems! So I do have experience with Twonky 6. Installation

of the My Cloud was successful. I even did a firmware update today.

   Just as with the Iomega drive, I have a problem with Twonky registration

(0 days left in the trial version) Under Media Receivers I see 2 entries:      Generic Media Receiver             (Windows 7)      Twonky NMC

With Iomega I could change to Iomega NAS and the Twonky server

would register. However, for My Cloud I don’t know if Twonky NMC is correct. The

closest WD selections are:

     WD TV HD Live Media Player

     WD TV Live Plus

     WD TV Live Hub

No selection for WD NAS!

Could someone suggest how to get Twonky 6 to register the My Cloud?

I had hoped this drive would come with Twonky 7, but it didn’t.


Twonky 6 isn’t a Media Recevier.   It’s a Media SERVER.

So I’m unsure of what you’re trying to do.

I also don’t understand what you mean when you say you’re seeing “0 days left in the trial version.”    

The My Cloud NAS ships with Twonky 7.2.6 and is not a Trial Version – it’s fully licensed.


    After I installed My Cloud and rebooted my computer, I was presented

with a new icon in the taskbar (called Twonky Media). In the past, this icon was also

present after an Iomega drive installation. You can choose "media server

settings" and it will open a browser and present you with various Twonky

settings including the listed current version ( that’s why I said I have version 6).

One of the available lists is Media Receivers. I tried to change this list because

the Twonky status page stated “yout trial version has expired”. Iomega’s past

instructions were to change the listed media receivers in order to complete

Twonky registration.

     With your comment in mind, I wonder if the icon in the taskbar should even

be present !? I had removed all Iomega software before I installed My Cloud,

but I had not rebooted. Is it possible that a remnant of Twonky 6 remained and

reinstalled with the My Cloud installation? Should I reinstall from scratch?


The my cloud software install doesn’t do anything at all with Twonky on your PC. I would guess it’s a remnant of Iomega software that’s confused.



I cleared out all Twonky folders and registry entries and completed a reinstall

of My Cloud. Now, there is no Twonky icon in the taskbar. Everything seems fine.

I will test the mobile apps next week.