Twonky Media + PS3 -> Videothumbnails?!


is there any possibility to get my own thumbnails for streamed movies for the ps3. I can only see a moviecamera-icon when i am using the twonky media server with the ps3. 




does not work.

Thanks for your help!

I’m keen to get this too. I originally had most of my media on the PS3 -which has those great short clips of each films.

Now, after moving to the MBL it’s just a serious of bank film icons which is bit of a bummer!

I have notice though, that a couple of films - ones bought from itunes with the DRM ripped out still have their own DVD cover style icon, so it IS possible. I tried last night to replace an icon on a blank film - much as you would with an icon on a desktop, but to no avail.  Any one else got any tips?

You can replace Cover in iTunes by clicking on “information” … but thats only for itunes-files. As you know, itunes can’t import files like mkv or mpeg. Thats the problem. I don’t know how to place a cover in a mkv or mpeg/mpg movie.