Twonky issues

I have a new 2TB My Book Live  which I mainly want to use as a DLNA server to watch movies over the network, I run into some problems with Twonky though:

  • I have different folders for music, videos and photos and only share videos in videos etc. My tv displays the music folder as a folder for videos too though (and vice versa). Using the same folder-structure on my pc using Serviio I will only see the videos-folder under videos and music-folder under music. Is there a way to get Twonky to behave the same way?

  • Twonky doesn’t generate thumbnails for video-files even though it should be capable of doing so. I’ve tried tw-video-scraper instead but can’t get this to work either. Do (generated) thumbnails work for anyone else, if so, did it work out of the box or did you make any changes?

  • I have seperate folders for movies, shorts and series but Twonky just indexes all video-files and serves them all together. I can work around this by using folder-view and changing the view xml-files but it’s far from ideal. Is there any other way around this?

I have searched the forums and internet for solutions but most fixes only seem to work with the previous firmware-version (same as installing other dlna-servers). Right now my drive ‘works’ but is not really suitable to index and watch a movie collection which was my main reason for buying it.

Any help would really be appreciated.

I’ve downgraded the firmware and installed Serviio on the MBL, indexing and navigation is slower but at least everything that doesn’t work with Twonky does work using Serviio. Serviio reads metadata, generates thumbnails and only displays those folders that I want to see.

What I don’t understand is why the drive doesn’t only come with a very old version of Twonky but with an installation of Twonky that isn’t functioning properly. Twonky should be able to do all these things as well.

I understand that the new MBL Duo has a different DLNA server, are there any plans to bring this to the regular MBL? The way things are right now the MBL really doesn’t deliver what was promised and that’s a real shame as the problems are in software and could easily be fixed with a bit of work…

Hello Remy,

unfortunately i have no solution for your problem with twonky. I have some problems with .mkv and .mp4-files which will not be played using Twonky.

So I tried to install Serviio on my device but got stuck in point 7 of serviio’s HowTo (running

Now I read in your post that you downgraded your device and it worked.

Could you tell me to which version you downgraded your device and where you downloaded the files for that?

Thanks in advance


Sorry mapkyc, I haven’t been here in a while. I used the guide at Serviio’s forum: The downgrade-instructions, installation-instructions and links to required files are all there.