Twonky Ignore Directories

On my iMac I moved to a WD USB Elements drive thousands of video and picture files that I did not want scanned into Twonky server. However, Twonky started scanning all those files when the drive was mounted.

In Ignore Directories what string do I enter exactly to stop this.

The name of the drive, or the path of the drive.

WD 2TB Elements Drive

or the path

iMac:~ myname$ /Volumes/WD\ 2TB\ Elements\ Drive

I only want to add files to the Twonky server that are in the My Cloud Public shared music, video, and picture folders. Twonky seems to add content from all sources on my network.

I am trying to speed up the scanning so my audio media only.

“WD 2TB Elements Drive” string in the ignore directories did not work. Twonky started scanned back in all those video files.

What do I need to enter to stop scanning from the USB drive on the iMac.

Twonky doesn’t scan the drive on your Mac it scan USB hard drives attached to the My Cloud.
With the USB drive attached to the My Cloud simply access the My Cloud Dashboard, select the Shares tab, then select the USB hard drive Share name from the Shares list then disable Media Serving for that Share. Twonky should no longer scan the USB hard drive for media while that drive is connected to the My Cloud.