Twonky finds pictures and music but not video

I am on my 4th 3TB My book live HDD and have no idea why i am unable to get it to find and stream videos to my ps3. They all seem to work ok when i first purchase them but as I am loading data onto them something happens and the hard drive stops working properly. My first one worked for 8 months with no problems then one day it stopped finding the data and when i do a re-scan or re-build it finds everything else but the video folder. No settings were altered.

I was also having drop out issues from the network but since telling twonky not to rescan automatically this seems to have stopped the drop out problem. 

Is anyone able to give me some advice on what might be going on? I wouldnt have thought it would be this hard to get the drive to work as a media streamer seeing as this is what it is designed to do.

I am having similair problem. Before I bought MyBookLive 3TB. All my movies were on my computer. I used Playback, a media server app. And access my movies with PS3. I could watch all my movies. It handled .mp4, .avi, .vob, .mov and most .wmv.  Now I bought this MyBookLive 3TB. I transfered all my movies over to it. Got on my PS3 located Twonky and opened up my movies. Every single movie I tried to start gave me an error message that the movie was in an unsupported format. (Most I use are in .avi and .mp4)

Is this Twonky? If so, why use something that doesn’t work on Video? My music and pictures work fine. But I want my video to as well!

I bought MyBookLive just for this reason, to watch movies. My computer HD is only 160GB. I needed more storage. I now have it but can’t use it!

You may take a look to this article:  Supported file types for streaming on Twonky Media Server on a My Book Live, My Book World, or WD ShareSpace