Twonky duplicate media receivers

I have the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and have an odd issue with Twonky that’s a bit annoying. Media receivers are duplicating themselves, and when it occurs the receiver will no longer work properly.

Here’s an example:

Enable sharing for new media receivers automatically is disabled.

I have an Xbox One and it is enabled. After a few days, sometimes a week or so maybe, a new one will show up in media receivers. Same MAC Address, same IP Address, same name, but it will not be enabled. Once this happens, my Xbox One can no longer connect until I go enable the new receiver. Right now I have 4 copies of one of my Xbox Ones and 3 copies of another Xbox One (I have three Xbox Ones in the house, they all do this.)

I’ve also tried to reset the list of receivers, eventually they all just come back.

Is it possible this is a Twonky bug that has been resolved? Seems you’re using an older version in the WD My Cloud.

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.


i have just found almost the exact same issue on my MyBookLive.
Did you ever report your issue to WDC support or make any further progress?



Hi Mal,

No, I didn’t. I figured it would go no where so haven’t put the time into it.