Twonky doesnt see any files on WD MyCloud 3TB

Bought a WD 3TB MyCloud today. Setup was going fine - I have a batch of jpegs and avi files loaded. I can see and use them on my smartphone. However my LG Smart TV sees Twonky server but states there are no files there.
I’ve checked the sharing is ok and the files are located in the public area. I’ve tried re-scanning even tried the suggestion of starting again with a system reset but still wont see the files…
Some websites are saying there is a way to access Twonky but I cant see it to make any adjustments to the software itself. Accessing using the 192.XXX.X.XX:9000 doesn’t work cause Internet Explorer not Firefox will let me access it.
What am I missing… ?

If browsing to (ip address of your My Cloud):9000 isn’t showing you the Twonky Server dashboard, then the server is not likely running for some reason; which is odd if your TV sees it but your browser can’t… Double check your IP address for your Cloud.

First start by reading through the following unofficial FAQ on how to get the most out of using Twonky DLNA media server.

The next step is to access the My Cloud Dashboard and ensure each Share that has media that you want to stream through DLNA has the Media Serving option set to On. Also check the Dashboard > Settings > Media page and ensure Media Streaming is set to On. Sometimes it helps to hit the Rebuild button on that page too which triggers Twonky database rebuild.

Next one can check the Twonky administration page at http://wdmycloud:9000 or the IP address appended with “:9000”. Check the Media Receiver Type under Media Receiver the Sharing section. Sometimes one has to experiment with different Media Receiver Types to find one that works for their DLNA client.

Lastly, check the documentation or user manual for your LG Smart TV to ensure it supports the media formats your attempting to play/stream. Sometimes one has to reencode the video file using a different format because the DLNA client may not have the proper decoding codec for container video files like MP4 and similar formats.

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Thanks for these quick replies…

I have dug around in the Twonky dashboard and found a “Reset to Defaults” button - decided to hit that and I now have the videos and photos registering in the Twonky Status page… And on the TV!!!
Thanks for your ideas and advice… :smile:

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thx U save my nerves :slight_smile: :grinning: