Twonky displays wrong title names

Hi All,

I have just bought a WD TV Live Hub, and while it displays everything correctly when using the player navigation, when I connect to the Twonky side of things many of the video names are all wrong, some titles are only part showing.

I have tried removing the video files from the box then rebuilding the database, but when I put the files back on the box is still displayes the same names as before.

I have looked on the net for solutions to this, incliding trying to clean uot the cache, but the command did not work and the cache stayed.

I have updated to the latestg firmware, the device is running Twonky version 5.1.9.

Can anyone shed any light on how to solve this problem,


Give us some examples of wrong naming. Show the original and twonky name plus part showing. Have you used the get content facility.

Hi richUK,

The following is an example,

Twonky               Real name on device

bender               The Last AirBender

e04                      this is name ending in title04

le01                     this is name ending in title01

oys s3-2             Mrs. Brown’s Boys S3-2

When using the device navigation everything shows correctly, thumbs, info etc, the example shown above is what is seen when browsing the Twonky media, it is also what displays when browsing to the hub from a remove dlna device, like a tv or xbox.

I am not sure what you mean about the get content facility, do you mean on the device or the Twonky server?

Thanks for your reply.

What type of files are these (mp4 / mkv / iso etc)

How did you ‘make’ them (software etc)

I mean on the device, there is a get content info whereby you can download movie / tv info to the hub.

Hi richUK,

Thanks for that, they are all mp4 and I have done the get content info on the device and all this displays correctly on the device, so when I am using the device on the tv connected to it everything work superbly, shows titles correctly, thumbs, extra content information etc.

When I access the Twonky server using the web browser, or connect to it using another dlna device, this is when the problem occurs.

For instance, when I use my smart tv that is in another room, it connects to the Twonky server and displays the titles as per the previous example.

I think it may be some kind of cache problem, but I have not been able to clear the cache using instructions I found using a web search.


It may be that there is metadata embedded in the mp4 files which twonky is reading.

You could looking at your files with a meta editor.

I have not tried this but here is an example you could use.


Thanks for that,

I checked the metadata using both the options you provided but it mage no difference, there was not incorrect matadata in any of the files.

I have just now performed a factory reset and configured from scratch again, still no difference, so the information was not cleared even when doing this.

I think that if I can clear the Twonky database and cache it should fix the problem, it is just everything I have fouind has not yet been successful.