Twonky DB update duration


Could you please advise me in the following - few days ago I’ve noticed some problems with my Twonky media server on My Book live 2TB. Firstly, I just pushed the button in dashboard to re-build a DB, but I did it this friday and it was still in progress of scanning till todays afternoon. I seemed to me that it’s too long, after that  a made steps Myron recommended before to login as root in ssh mode and just to rename the twonky DB. I did so. Now I enabled Twonky again and it started to scan MBL again. BTW, 1.2 TB out of 2TB is used, so how many time does it usually take to build a new DB? Mine was working for more than 48 hours with no success.

And the LED indicator on the front is not blinking. What can it be?

Thank you in advance!

is the indicator showing any color at all? it could be faulty, there’s lots of that.  1200GB of stuff, I’d say it would take that long to rebuild.

Heck no.   It should take well less than an hour.

It still in progress of updating twonky db since sunday eve, non-stoping. any ideas how to fix?

as for LED, after a start it shows red color, then blue for a second and then just got blank - no color at all.