Twonky and wd tv live


with wd tv live i use usd hdd and can see image preview for movie - for example - movie_name.mkv + movie_name.jpg. Does twonky make it possible? or is it anower way to see image preview for movie not standard twonky icon?


I think Twonky will work with EMBEDDED thumbnails only (like in MP4.)

thanx for answer

sad news. the most of my video collection in mkv -(

If I use a WDTV Live device to play all my media (pics, vids, music) what benefit is there for me to enable the Twonky Services?  Does it do anything to enhance the WDTV Live player?

The only enhancements are that it is always available unlike some problems with network shares plus the supported files are sorted in a better way than the live can manage.