Twonky access web interface

Hallo there,

I cannot find the solution here, therefore I have to ask:

Twonky is running on the Live Hub. It recognizes the files. But, when I want to access the settings Twonky asks for a username and password. What username: where is it defined? “admin” does not work. Where is the password defined.

I’am desperate to find an answer…


There is no password set by default. It must have gotten set by mistake. You will probably need to reset the Hub back to factory defaults to recover it.

Thank you,

but there is still a need fo a username. Where comes the username from?

I get the massage: The server … at … requires a username and password. Is it a Windows Problem or a live hub or atwonky problem?


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I think I need to be more specific. If I want to enter the page, I’am ask to enter a username and a password. How can I set a username, or what is setting a username.

Same is happening, if I TwonkyManager on my PC tries to connect to the twonkyServer on the live hub: same question.

Am I the first person to encounter this problem? That would be curious…

Thank a lot…


I have no idea what you set.

The Hub does NOT have a UserID / Password assigned to Twonky.   

You did a System Reset to Factory Defaults and it is still asking that?

Yes I did: this is strange, isn’t it?

Why does it say “The server at cbmedia” 

What is cbmedia?

It is the hub. After the factory reset you get WDTVlivehub with the same message.

You will not believe, what I just saw: a changed the patch-cable - and now I can access the config page?!?!?

Now I was able to set a username and a password: everything works.

Thanks for your attention…