Two Windows 10 Computers

Using WDSync on my desktop computer I have successfully synced my 4TB MyCloud with my desktop for documents and pictures.
I now would like to sync my Surface Pro with my 4TB MyCloud, so I used “Wd Sync Setup.exe” but although it set up, I could not persuade it to do an automatic sync. I can manually copy My Documents and Pictures, but would like it to sync automatically. Can I achieve this?
I would be prepared, if necessary, to stop syncing with my desktop, although I would prefer not to do so, and, of course, I do not want to sync between my desktop and my Surface Pro, so would need to sync to a different folder in my 4TB MyCloud.
I have search online and found how to add a device by clicking on the WD logo icon in the Windows task bar, and although I have that logo icon on my desktop I do not have it on my Surface Pro. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing “Wd Sync Setup.exe” on my Surface Pro, but that did not help and did not provide me with the WD logo icon.
Questions, please:
A. Can I sync to two windows 10 computers and
B. If I can how do I achieve that, and
C. If I cannot how do I sync with my Surface Pro?
Many thanks

Have you looked at the User Manual, , this is for the 2nd Generation My Cloud.

See Chapter four.

Many thanks. I see what it says, but I still do not have the WD logo icon
in my Surface Pro task bar. However I may partially have overcome that by
assigning MyCloud a drive letter. To test it I took a selfie using the
Surface Pro and that has not been automatically synced with the MyCloud!

It seems that it may not be syncing as I had hoped and expected.