Two WD TV Live Streaming Players and one USB Hard Drive

I keep seeing on different websites that people are able to attach a USB hard drive to one WD TV Live Streaming Player and access it from a second WD TV Live Streaming Player without having a computer turned on.  I have been unable to use this feature.   I turned on Network Share and when I tried to access Network Shares on the second SMP all I see is my My Book Live not the other hard drive.  Anybody have any luck or ideas as to what the trouble is?

I’m doing something similiar.  I have a WD TV LIVE Gen 2 with a 2.5 TB hdd attached and I connect to it from my new WD TV LIVE Streaming.  It’s only one drive but I don’t see why I wouldn’t see a second like in your case.  To confirm, you’re able to see one of the drives connected via usb but not the other?

Sorry, I did not give enough details on my My Book Live.  It is an ethernet based hard drive and does not have USB connection.  I read the manual and it never states that is is capable of sharing an attached USB hard drive to another WD TV Live Streaming player.  It only talks about sharing an attached USB hard drive with a computer.  If you were able to do it, I wonder if it only works on 2nd generation.  Have you tried attaching your usb hard drive to the 3rd generation and access it through the 2nd generation?