Two "WD" drives running in raid are not detected as WD brand hard drives by software

Have two WD drives running in Raid 0 in my older computer, have trouble when attempting to run various utilities, say for example “Acronis true image wd edition”.
It fails to start as it doesn’t detect any WD drives installed on the system even though it does have the two of them in it.

I have got around the problem so far by connecting an old outdated 15gb WD PATA drive when needed but having to do so is rather a pain in the you know what.
That drive is just to outdated and to small to be of any use these days, I don’t want it in there. Then there is the problem what if that old *** drive dies? It can’t posiblely last much longer!

There must be a easier way?

Thanks, Dan

AIUI, older versions of Seagate’s DiscWizard (another OEM version of Acronis True Image) could be made to work with non-Seagate drives by using the Alt-T-O hotkey (T-O = Technical Override). Might be worth a try …

I suppose I could do that but maybe I wasn’t clear? could go back to Driveimage XML, it works pretty.

However it be nice to use Acronis True Image “WD edition” for my imaging needs on the Western digital hard drives that system already has. Rather then add yet another WD drive so the program “sees” it has “at least one” of their drives, even though it already does have two of them.

Kinda wondering now if I’d have the same issue with my new system.

Has five WD hard drives in it, two two drive arrays and then a single drive.

Without that single WD drive installed, its not being part of any multi drive array, would I suffer the same “error” when attempting to use Acronis True Image “WD edition” on it?

Guess I’ll have to disable it and find out…