Two WD 1TB Drives Will Not Show At Same Time

I have two 1TB MyBook external Drives.  When I plug them in at the same time in my two USB sockets in the front of my computer only one shows.  When I plug in each one, one at a time, each one shows.  When I plug one in and a larger (2TB or 3TB), newer model drive, they both show.

These two 1TB drives are empty and as I mentioned they don’t both show when they are plugged in at the same time.  I may want to use them for future data storage and may want them to communicate.  Is there a way to enable them to both be recognized when they are both plugged in to my computer in the USB ports? 

I read something about formatting them in some forums, but also read that someone lost complete communication with the drive after formatting it.

What would be the safe, sensible, solution to getting them to communicate?  Thanks ahead for any help I may be given. 

They are older drives, but I keep them covered and they were used very minimally to store photo files and just hold them.  Their part numbers are WDBAAF0010HBK-01 and WDBAAF0010HBK-00.  They communicate fine with my newer drives, but not with each other as they don’t show up at the same time on my computer.

It’s a Windows problem try this


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Thank you Joe.  I went where you mentioned, and searched for the 6571 answer id and accessed it. 

The answer that is listed lies at the path below: