Two wanted features: DTS HD Pass-thru and pauses between audio tracks during playback

Has anyone looked into WD’s source code yet? I’m wondering if one of you clever users has added an option to your own version of “the GPL source code” to make these two features possible?

None of that is GPL.   That’s all in the proprietary code base.

Oh no! Does that mean I can’t get DTS HD passthru without WD performing an official firmware upgrade? Have you figured out a work-around to this?

For now, I’m encoding my new material in both TrueHD and DTS HD, although most stuff comes with DTS HD.

That’s correct; and it’s doubtful that will happen.   WD has told us several times that DTS won’t allow a license for it.

Thanks for the info…

One last question…when I played a DTS-HD encoded movie or song, the Hub displays “DTSMA” or “DTSHD” yet my receiver shows DTS. Is the hub playing and decoding the lossless audio or just the lossy DTS core? And how can I test this?

Yes, you can usually hear the difference. But both DTS and DD5.1 sound great on this player… This is also true for the WD TV player.

It’s extracting the DTS core.   But really, calling one Lossless and the other Lossy is a red herring…  ALL forms of Analog to Digital conversion are LOSSY.   

What Lossless means in terms of audio compression is that the compression doesn’t add ADDITIONAL loss beyond what the ADC already threw out.