Two Time Machine Shares for two macs

HI I am trying to set up two time machine shares on my, mycloud device. I have managed to set up two shares but I cannot get Mycloud to back up both machines. It will back up the one I have selected on the dashboard (in settings) but it comes up with an error on the other Mac as it wont back that one up. Has anyone found a solution to this or are WD considering a Firmware update to correct this? any help would be greatly appreciated. 

From my experience, I couldn’t use timemachine backup, except to the default share provided by WD. I am assuming there is some setup for this share that make it work, but I am not sure, Maybe more knowledgeable users can verify.

If my assumption is right though, you could rename the default TimeMachineBackup share something else, then do a system only factory reset and see if the drive creates another TimeMachineBackup share with its original name. The problem is that you wouldn’t be able to control the size of each share separately.

Users experienced with LInux would find a way to use SSH to set up the parameters and quotas for the shares right, I suppose.

Why can’t you use the same share for both machines? I never tried that…