Two sets of subtitles in Netflix

With Netflix and my wd live tv I keep subtitles off by default. In Netflix, if there’s a non English language spoken (like with Narcos) I see two sets of subtitles. I think one is Netflix and one is the box. It’s super annoying and I can’t figure out how to make only one set appear. Any ideas?

Hello and welcome to the WD Community. 

The WDTV does not provide any subtitles when you are using Netflix, you should get only the one that Netflix includes on the files. 

Is this happaning with all the files that you play or only with that specific TV Show?

It happens anytime there’s something on Netflix that uses subtitles. There’s definitely two sets: 
There’s yellow text (which I think is Netflix)

and white text (which I think is the WD box)

It does not happen if I view videos that are shared on my home computer, and I turn subtitles on. 

It’s something specific to Netflix. And any file/TV show/movie within Netflix

I have the same issue as described above using Netflix. Even if I set the subtitles in Netflix to “None” I still get a yellow one and a white one. Very annoying.

If I set the subtitles to another language in Netflix then that language is yellow and english appears in white.

Does this in any way white texts?