Two Questions

When playing video files an info box appears briefly in the left hand corner stating codec info.  Is there anyway to tweek the system settings so this box won’t appear.  Also I prefer turning off the system via the power button on the unit itself.  Considering this actually turns off the unit, instead of leaving it on standby mode, will this considerably extend the life of the Hub?

You can customize the THEME so that it doesn’t appear, but if you do that it will NEVER appear even if you change audio or subtitle tracks.

  will this considerably extend the life of the Hub?

Don’t know.   Give it a few years and then let us know.   :slight_smile: :wink:

Actually, you can power down from the remote, too, by holding down the power button for three seconds.

Any particular way to customize the theme that you would recommend.  I was browsing the custom theme section and there seems to be a lot of options to choose from.

You can use any theme you like, just depends on what style you like.

As for modifing the Subtitle/Audio box, you will need to modify the “video_run.xml” (if the theme you like doesn’t contain this xml then you will have to download the Legacy theme and copy that xml to the theme you are using.

Then modify the lines that say:


If you don’t want this to display at all you can either delete these lines or comment them out.

If you need more theme help, post your questions in the Theme Forum, you will get a faster response.