Two questions regarding Youtube

Hi guys

I bought a WD TV LIVE a couple a weeks back, and after some testing, I have a couple of questions.

There are two separate Youtube online services: Youtube video (the one with a black and white logo) and the regular Youtube.

But whenever I watch a video on youtube (either of the two) the videos shown are always upscaled SD, even though they are available in HD on Youtube. Now why is that so? I’m using the correct setup with an HDMI cable and 1080P.

My other question is regarding accounts on youtube.

If login with my account details on Youtube video (the black and white logo), the WD TV LIVE remember my login details exactly like I want it to do.

But every single time I try using my account on the " regular Youtube" , I have to go the following link to “activate”

I’ve done this about 10 times now, and the WD TV LIVE wont remember my login details, so I have to repeat these steps every single time I want to use my Youtube account.

So, do you really have to go activate, and retype your login information every single time??

I believe that youtube does not allow HD streaming via the WD player.

And yes at the moment the youtube leanback app does not remember that you have linked to your player. I believe that this is a youtube problem which hopefully will be sorted out at some time. (WD do know about it)