Two problems

I have got my mac networked to the wd media player. but when I try to play movies from my mac, there is no sound and the frame seems too be slow or not as smooth as it should be…

my second problem is that when I use netflix, it seems that the sound is not in sync with the video. its watchable, but it just seems to be a bit off.

I have the new firmware update 1.04.22.  I was wondering if I should downgrade my firmware and if so what firmware should I use?

any advice or info would help

If the firmware you were using before worked for you, then I would definitely downgrade back to that firmware.

well I guess the audio on netflix is ok, just seems a bit off to me.

I might switch to an earlyer firmware later on, but dont feel like doing it right now. since I can share my hard drive through the wd media player and access it on my mac which I have connected to my TV with an S-video cable. only bad thing is that the loading is a bit slow…

now I have come across another problem… when I watch netflix the video ratio is kinda annoying it has the black lines on each side and sometimes on all four sides. watched the same movie on my xbox 360 and it was perfect on there. kinda annoying.  getting a new TV tomorrow, so I hope it will look alright on it.

Also would be nice if Netflix on the WD media player had a search feature. right?