Two Problems with external HDD

Hello, I have two problems regarding the external HDD (WD elements 500GB USB3) which I connect to the front USB of my Media Player Live Streaming (firmware 1.16.13)

  1. Even when I eject the HHD and then power off (soft) the media player the HDD’s light stays on, which really annoys me since it still consumes power.

2)When I turn off the machine, I leave the HDD connected to the USB port so I won’t replug it every time I want to watch something. The problem is that when I turn the Media Player back on, it doesn’t autoplay the HDD and I have to manually unplug/replug the USB cable in order for the MP to ‘see’ it again.

Any ideas?

I have the exact same drive, and I’ve not seen this.

As soon as I “eject” the drive, it goes into standby. (Light flashes very slowly.)

  1. That’s the correct behavior.  There’s no way to re-mount a USB disk until it’s hotplugged.

Yes, you are right.  This is also happens with mine, the light doesn’t stay on all the time but it flashes slowly. Is there a way to turn it off?

Secondly, I previously had a WD TV Live and I surely remember that when I turned it back on the HDD was re-mounted automatically.

Some of the Older WDs didn’t have standby mode. When you turned them off, they were OFF, as in no power.

You can shut down the WD after you eject the drives by holding the power button down.