Two passports allocate same drive letter

I have just bought 2 x 1TB passport drives. I have installed the first and have backed up some data to it ok. The first drive installed as “virtual drive M” and “main drive N”.

I have just tried to install the second drive and this is conflicting with the first drive, so it will not install, unless I unplug the first drive. The second drive then installs as “virtual drive L” and “main drive N”.

This is the problem, if I plug both drives into the pc at once, they both try to allocate drive N and so only the first is recognised.

Is there anything I can do to use them together as I want to back up data from one onto the other?

I had the same problem. I went into Disk Management and saw a notification that there was a drive assignmebt conflict.  I checked the box to fix it and a new drive letter was assigned to the second Passport.

(Why hasn’t a WD rep answered this problem yet?)