Two pairs of HomePlug AV

Hi all

Yesterday I bought a HomePlug AV (AKA WD LiveWire) kit, installed it and was so happy with the result I bought another kit today for my laptop (I’m too paranoid for wireless).

The problem I’m seeing is that I can only have one set going at a time.  If I have both sets plugged in to the wall, my 16 port switch goes crazy and no Ethernet devices can communicate.

Is this a know problem?  Is it valid to have two sets active at the same time?



Ahh, that clears things up a little. 

I’ll have one unit in the wiring closet, one unit in Room A and another unit in Room B.

So do I need to press the sync button on all three units?



… Only if you’re setting it up as a private network.

Many thanks for the help as its now working.