Two or more WD TV Lives + 1 USB Drive , possible?

Hi, anyone know if i can share the USB drive tethered to my (new) WD TV Live with other WD TV Live devices on my network?  I am thinking of installing 3 more WD TV Lives (one for each TV) and want them all pointed ot the same media share.  I also want to avoid having to run a server or workstation for this media share.

Ideas I have are either to hang a USB drive off one of the WD TV Lives, get a ethernet enabled NAS, or get a router that works with WD TV Live that i can hang a USB drive off of.

Prefer the first option as it is the least expensive!

Thx for your replies!

Yes, any storage you attach via USB to the Live SMP can be shared over the network to other devices / computers.

But the bandwidth available out of the Live SMP may not be sufficient for multiple simultaneous streams…  100 megabit / second is a stretch.

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Do you have an alternative recommendation (to improve simultaneous streams)?  NAS or perhaps a router compatible with WD TV Live that I can hang a USB drive off of (maybe a hub for future expansion)?

I’m doing research now but thought i’d ask if you or someone has a quick answer.

Appreciate it!