Two MyCloudMirror units refusing to communicate

I have two units which had been working quite happily on my local home network. Neither unit will now talk to the network despite resetting them as per the normal reset button process. Invoking their IP addresses via my browser just results in ‘time out’ reports with no contact established.

One unit has a firm blue light against the power marking on the front and the other has a red light in the same position. In both cases the lights against the disks show firm blue.

Is there another way I can persuade them to communicate again?

Thanks, John

Hi Wychegnome,

I would recommend to do a power cycle on both My Cloud Device i.e., disconnects all cables from My Cloud including adapter, reconnect and reboot device which helps to initiate network path to connect with My Cloud services.

I have just carried out the power cycle as suggested but this has failed to restore contact.


I would recommend you to contact Western Digital Support team and tell them about this concern to get resolution.