Two MyCloud devices Remote access after April 15, 2022

I have two My Cloud devices The first has the software version 04.05.00-342 the second 2.41.116 Upgrade to OS5 is only possible on the second Cloud I understand that the first Cloud will not get the update to OS5?
So, after April 15, 2022, will I be able to log into the device with OS3 (v04.05.00-342) remotely via the website and the application on the phone or will I lose remote access and stay only on the local network?


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You will lose website and phone access.

You will still have the ability to have VPN and other means of non-WD internet access. . .

. . .but bottom lines:

OS/3 devices should be OFF THE INTERNET today.
OS/5 - - - - Only slightly better. Frankly. . . .MyCloud Gen 2 is not really sufficient to effectively run OS/5. Too slow. Too little RAM.

Best path (Hate to break it to you): New hardware . . .currently recommend something running DSM software (hint: not WD)( Google NAS DSM)