Two media players - Only 1 available on Network Share

Hi there,

My roommate has two media players that are connected to a router. One is the Iextreme media player and the other Xtreamer Pro unit. So here is the issue:

When I start up my WDTV Live unit, both media players appear on the media share but if both units are on only the iextreme will  connect  on network share but not the Xtreamer Pro Unit. The reason this is an issue is because the media share can only play low res or low size files. None of the high definiton files can be played over media share, plus a USB unit connected to the Xtreamer Pro does not appear in the USBmounts. If as I mentioned only the Xtreamer Pro Unit is on then I can connect to it on the network share and watch all files.

I have tried using a static IP address to the Xtreamer Pro as I thought the IP addresses might have been too close to each other. But it didnt fix the issue.

So my question is, is there any workaround to get both media players on the network share? Could it possibly be a problem on the media player units?

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Glad to report shortly after posting the message I managed to solve the problem. Both units were using the same Network name and was the reason only one was showing up.