Two fundamental functions missing: Progression bar when transferring and folder properties

I recently purchased my EX2 Ultra and I think I will return it because there are important functions missing.

When transferring from a USB device, there’s no progression bar, so it is impossible to know if the transfer is successful. Also, I move files (instead of copying them) I always get an error message, even when the transfer was successful.

Another fundamental function missing is the basic ability of knowing the properties of a folder. Today, I had to count hundreds of files to check if the content of the folder was complete.

Hey, people from WD, are you listening? What about a right click option of “properties” over the folder, like Qnap and other brands do?

I’m really unhappy with My Cloud functions.

Hi Carlos24F,

You should try contacting WD Support by phone as they can check for the issue in real time by troubleshooting for the issue.