Two External 2 TB Western Digital Hard Disk not working simultaneously

I bought two new 2 TB Western Digital Hard Disk. Both are in working condition.

It’s really strange that, both are working separately, but when I connect both at same time, I have only one hard disk in my computer.

If I switch off one hard-disk, another is working fine, and when I switch on the second and switch off the first, then the second is working fine.

Can and body having the same problem, or please help me on this issue, what should I do.

My PC Configuration:

Windows 7- 64bit.

Intel i5 Processor 3.2 Ghz

It’s a Windows thing. The simple fix is to go into Drive Management and assign the drives different letters and make sure both are online. Here is a more permanent fix


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Thank you very much “Joe_S” for quick response.

My problem is now solved. Thank you again.