Two Ethernet ports on ex4100

Hi, the ex4100 has two Ethernet ports, I have one connected to my router. I have one of my computer’s next to the Nas and have connected directly to the Ethernet ports, but have noticed that this PC still accesses the Nas unit over Wi-Fi.

I would like the following, can you tell me if it’s possible.

Nas is currently connected to router.

  1. PC Connected directly to second Ethernet port on Nas (not using Wi-Fi)

2 Mac connected directly to router to access nas

If I give the Nas a static IP , will this fix my issue or will the router no longer be able to talk to it?


An extra Ethernet port is provided for backup just in case one of the Ethernet ports goes bad. You can also connect the My Cloud EX4100 directly to the computer:

I think that’s actually your operation system choosing the wrong connection.

What’s the output of the command below?

Works on Windows and Linux:
netstat -nr