Two driveletters for My Book Live 2TB

When I installed My Book Live 2TB it asked me to asign a driveletter. Standard it was Z: I decided to choose M: as driveletter. Now I have 2 driveletters visible in Windows: M: and Z: - question is can I change that without resetting My Book Live to its factorysettings?

I Tried to re-install the software but that didn’t work. 

Yes, the drive letters are entirely WINDOWS.   The MBL doesn’t have any concept of drive letters.

If you want to REMOVE the extra drive letter, just right-click the drive and select “DISCONNECT” from the menu.

If you want to CHANGE an existing drive letter, just REMOVE it, then re-map it to whatever you want.

Your data won’t change or be affected at all.

Thanks, I didn’t know the letters were a Windows thing.  I got rid of Z:.

What do I  have to do to change the driveletter? I don’t understand how I can remove the driveletter. 

As described above, RIGHT-CLICK it and select Disconnect.

See image below.


Thank you very much, I understand now. 

After disconecting you can give it any driveletter you want with “Map network drive”. 

One more question about this. The Disconnected parts - do they stay vissible in the Windows Explorer? 

I would like to remove the disconnected parts from Windows Explorer; or at least not be vissible. 

Once you disconnect them, they will no longer appear as a DRIVE LETTER.  

They will remain visible in the network browser, though.