Two devices. Two remotes

I’ve had a WDTV live hub for a while now. Love it.
Adopted a WDTV live unit which is great since I’m almost out of space in my hub.
Hooked them up with separate inputs to both my tv and router. Looks good.

Both remotes control both units simultaneously. That’s bad.
Is there any way to code the remote so it only controls one unit?

When I connected the WDTV live to my network, the WDTV live hub drive disappeared. Only the WDTV live drive is there now.

Can I move media between the two over a network?

You could use the WD remote app on a tablet / smartphone.

Ok, so I can use the app for the WDTV live hub exclusively, but when I use the remote on the WDTV live, it’s going to contro both of them. I don’t think that’s a solution.
Again, is there a way to code the remote for one unit?

The remote app can select the player you want to control so it is a solution however I don’t believe the app works with the old live / live plus so its not a solution for you.

No there is no way to code the unit, basically it uses exactly the same IR commands.

The only other method is to use a USB / wireless keyboard connected to the player.

Alrighty. Guess I’ll just use my WDTV live unit as a backup drive until further notice. Please keep me updated to new developments. And thanks!