Two computers; see contents

I want to be able to have two computers see the contents of the my drive. I’ve looked in the manual and can’t find how to do that…

I see how to send a link to share, but that seems like a one time use. I want both computers to be able to click on the drive and see the same thing.

I think there is a public share, but I can’t find instructions how to set it up

Thank you

First, what is a, my drive? Do you own a My Cloud Home or some other WD drive?

Sorry I was not clear.

I have two computers that I would like to have access the same contents of WD my cloud (both read and write).

I have both computers set up with the mycloud desktop app and it is mapped to both computers.

But the second computer I mapped, can not see the contents of the my cloud drive on the other computer. It seems to have its own location.

I read some other info about Family share or public share, but can’t find info how to set it up (if those will work)

Thank you

@Chaucer99 This sub-forum is for the My Cloud Home. You write about a WD My Cloud so here is a link that will take you to information on both the 1st and 2nd generation WD My Cloud. WDMyCloudImage

I own two WD My Clouds, a 1st and a 2nd generation. Both are on my Network and I can view both on any of my computers. I have a Desktop and two Laptops. All have Windows 10 on them with all current updates.