Two black borders on the both right and left side of my screen

So when i first brought this device it was working great the screen was border less without these 2 black things on the sides and then after i used it on it’s own this wide and fit screen turned into that i tried changing resolution to 1080p and made widescreen from Aspect ratio in both options and movies but still nothing works so please help me

Maybe someone answers to help me!

2 black bars on the left and right usually indicates the video/movie you’re watching is in 4:3 Aspect Ratio

If you’ve selected Widescreen 16:9 in the WDTV Settings then these 2 black bars are Normal (they keep the 4:3 Picture Aspect in proportion. ie. it does not stretch or squash the picture)

If you want to watch 4:3 Content and have it fill a 16:9 Widescreen TV (thereby stretching/distorting the picture) … then select in the WDTV’s Aspect Ratio Settings “Normal” (which is 4:3) and it will display all movies “Full Screen” on a 16:9 TV by stretching the picture.

This is not something i personally recommend, as i prefer black bars left or right, or top or bottom to preserve the intended Aspect Ratio on the content i’m watching.

But, some people don’t care about AR and just want everything to fill the screen with no black bars.

Personal Preference.

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