I own a Dell 8200 Dimension Desk Top PC 

PROCESSOR: PENTIUM 4 AT 1.9GHz, 2gb of RDRam  PC800 (non-ECC)


It came with an 80gb 8mb cache hard drive. I think it was a Western Digital. When I needed more storage capacity I installed TWIN 500 GB WESTERN DIGITAL BLUE CAVIAR’S ATA-100,7200 RPM 32mb CASHE IDE HARD DRIVES After loading the OS I noticed that it would only recognize about 320gb of the 500gb. The second drive is strictly for back up. Western Digital said to install a patch that would format the drives so the OS would recognize the full 500gb. That patch failed to work so I used another app call EASEUS Disk Copy. I think it’s spelled right. This then made it possible to access the entire drive capacity but since I have been using them they are really slow. No viruses or other malware on drives. What could be causes this & if anyone knows, what is the fix???

Other techs tell me it should work fine. Also, the drives are not even close to being full

Can you benchmark your drives with HD Tune?

What was the “patch”?

It may not really be a patch but more like a software for formating drives when the OS will not recognize the whole drive

What I used was a Free Ware called EASEUS

Not familiar with HD Tunes but I can try it

What do you mean when you say “Bench Mark”

My level is not quite Tier 1 so my knowledge is a bit limited

HD Tune has several performance tests which will give you a quantitative assessment of your drives’ speed:

For an explanation of “benchmarking”, see …

“In computing, a benchmark is the act of running a computer program, a set of programs, or other operations, in order to assess the relative performance of an object, normally by running a number of standard tests and trials against it.”

Hi fzabkar ,

The model # of my Western Digital Drives is a WD5000AAKB-00H8A0 500gb 32 mg cache

This model is not on the list in HD Tunes

There is another 500gb Western Digital Internal Drive though

Should I test with that one?

Run HD Tune. It will generate a report for your drives. Compare the data transfer rates in the report with those for similar drives at the HD Tune web site.

If the performance is poor, then upload your graphs to a file sharing site for others to examine.

Ok, I will do what you have suggested

The really strange thing about all of this is that when I log onto my account things seem to run pretty smooth but if my wife logs onto her account things act strange such as while the windows xp song plays while logging on it skips like a scratched record. Also, while in her account everything is slow, clicking on icons takes more then one or two times to get the site or program to execute. This doesn’t seem to be the case on my account. Even stranger is that this used to be the opposite. My account was the slow one but not anymore. A tech advised me to Max out the virtual memory to 4092mb both settings. Is this a good idea???

At startup, several programs try to load at the same time. Your antivirus software is one of them. You can see all the active processes using Task Manager.

Task Manager overview:

You can also prevent unnecessary processes from starting by using msconfig.

How to use MSCONFIG in Windows XP:

Yes. I am familiar with the start up thing & msconfig. I do not do “Normal Startup” cause it wants to load everything. I only leave the one’s that need to start on boot up in msconfig. If I don’t the system trays loading takes much longer to load. As far as antivirus & internet securty software I have learned over the years that The Symantec products are resource hogs taking large amounts of space on a drive & slowing the PC down horribly. Same with Trend Micro, Macaffe, & others that you load via cd on you PC. I also noticed that if I had a virus none of these products protected me & my drive had to be formated & all things re-installed. I have used AVG, Avast, & Malwarebytes. They are web based & take very little space on my drives, catch that trojan or other maleware everytime. They grab them before they can affect my system apparently cause I am & have been virus free since using these free products. My senior systems manger told me in our server room one day to get rid of all the costly antivirus stuff & use these. For years I have been doing great as far as not having viruses. These programs don’t slow my computer down when I am using it even though they remain working in the background

It’s not viruse causing my problem though. I copied all the reports & happy to say on one note that there are no bad sectors on either drive. I was surprised. Dell once told me that the system board, processor etc… was not designed to handle a drive as large as 500gb especially two of them. They told me not to install any larger then 320 but others said that this was bull so I installed two 500gb drives.

Can I send you my drive reports? Could you look for any issues maybe???

If so, can I put them on this board or should I send them via email. I would need your email though to do that if you are ok with that???

I’m no expert, and I’ve had very little to do with WD drives. I would upload your report here if possible, otherwise you could upload it to a file sharing service such as RapidShare.

I don’t know whether this board allows the posting of personal details, but if you want to email me, send me a private message and I’ll give you my address.