Tweetmonkey Help

I have had my server up and running for a while now.  It has been working great!

FTP has been working, as well as the tweatmonkey, streaming to xbox… :slight_smile:

It seems that when I am at home everything works great. (thru the router)

When I try to reach tweetmonkey away from home, it does not work.

I am also using for out of my house access (it works fine for my ftp client- but not tweetmonkey) 

I know normally for Tweetmonkey you type in

Problem Starts…

It seems that once I get into my custom folders in tweekmonkey, I come up with this error. 

Example: If pic does not work 


(Kept my IP and Port #  XXX for privacy)

I also notice it swiches back to my local IP address not my Dyndns address.

But since I am not home, it will not work over the internet.

I have checked all my settings, but nothing stands out at me.

Any help would greatly help