Tweak Directories to backup

I have the MyBook Essential 2TB drive.  The WD SmartDrive is OK, not great.  I like that it knows where my Outlook PST files are, as they are a pain to find at times due to stupid MS hidden directories and how far nested they are…

Anyway, what I was hoping for is a way to select which files/folders to backup.  For example, it autu backed up the public user’s sample videos, sample music and sample pictures files.  It also backed up random directories on my C drive (Drivers, and BGINFO), which I dont want backed up. 

Rick, I gave the same advice to many on this forum. Smartware is bloatware and takes up a lot of resources. I WOULD NOT DEPEND on this software to back up your critical info. WD makes lovely memory devices but NOT backup software. They are simply doing too much here.

I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon backup software. Been using these two for years and have no problems at all!!!

Acronis is free for a month and Paragon is free software…

Let me know.