TW Genre Folder Icons (Updated 10-30-12)

I created some new Genre folder icons, these are specifically for my Darklight and Mojo themes.  These have reflections, but I will add some generic use (no reflections) later on when I have time.  If anyone is interested you can download them from here: (Updated 10-30-12)

Update includes standard versions (no reflection) of of the SD thumbs and new genre, channel and some new TV shows thumbs. 

Blu-ray thumbs

If you need a standard version of a thumb that I didn’t include, you can easily change the thumbs with reflections yourself.  If you don’t have Photoshop or Gimp, first download and install Gimp (freeware), then open the thumb, click on “Image” in the toolbar and select “Canvas Size”.  In the new widows under “Canvas Size” next to Width & Height, click on the chain icon to unlock it, then change the Height to “288”, click on “Resize”, then save the image.


Looking good.


First of all, these look sweet!

Sorry if this is a dumb question…but where to I put these pictures.  I can’t seem to find any discussion on this.  I would assume that folders are created for each genre, insert all files from Thumbgen into the appropriate genre folder, and just insert these genre thumbnail jpg’s into the appropriate folder as well?  I was just trying to figure out how the hub would know that that was the jpg to use for the genre folder thumbnail?

Also, once I do get these going, is there a way to get your “template” for generating these?..say for example if I wanted to generate a specific genre that you haven’t already done?  Thanks for any help.

Just copy the appropriate image to the genre folder, then rename it “folder.jpg”.

And the .xcf file is in the download.  This is a Gimp file (this are not associated with TG), and you have to make any edits using Gimp (freeware) or Photoshop.

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That sounds simple enough.  I will give it a shot.

As for editing the .xcf file, I will give that a go as soon as I get photoshop.  Thanks again!

Well, if you want to save yourself some money, just download GIMP, it does pretty much everything photoshop does.

Ahhhh…didn’t see the “or”.  Well, that’s even better.  Thanks again.  And thanks for all you do for the community! (especially for your patience with us noobs) :wink:

Tinwarble, is there any way to use the fields in the Genre screen (like the last image above - Action folder) and fill it with something like fodler identification (date, sinopsis with some brieff description, e others)? 


Date, Synopsis, Description etc   is called  ‘Metadata’

‘Metadata’ does Not display for ‘Folders’

Apparently it did work with very very old Firmware at one stage.

There however is a ‘Trick’ to get it to display that i came up with, that does still currently work  with latest Firmware.

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I’m not sure what you’re asking.  You can pretty much do anything you want, just open the .xcf file in Gimp or Photoshop and add what you like.

EDIT:  Never mind I see what you are saying now.  But as Joey said, no, it doesn’t work for folders.  And also, as he said there is a trick, but I believe that it only works for individual file folders, and not with Genre folders.

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It should work for Genre Folders ?  Will test later … also think it requires the Media Library Enabled

Action.avi     (Folder renamed with extension containing folder.jpg and all action movies.)

Action.xml   (Xml contain Generic Action info)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Action A Collection of Action Movies from years 1985 to 2012 18.07.2012 1200



Last time I tested with genre folders, it did work, but if I remember correctly it want let you access to the folder.

You might have different results though, especially if your using the later FW versions since there have been changes in how it handles folders.

EDIT: Scratch that, I remember what it was now.  The last time I tested, if you used the trick for folders the xml data for the folder would be used for all the files in that folder.  However, I did a quick test on the SMP and it does seem to work (at least on my NAS folders), but I couldn’t in the test I did get the folder xml data to cache (scan to the media library), so results may vary.

Great job on your darklight theme and thanks for the icons share!!!

Any chance you would share your template for these icons so that I could customize names and background images to my custom folders?

Thanks again.



The .xcf file is in the download, this is a Gimp file and you will need Gimp (freeware) or Photoshop to edit.

here some folder icons, that i used @my old WD.TV LIVE

for Video

and simply for Music

Sorry Thumbnails dosent work here?!

Could somone make me a Adult Comedy, and New Release? I tried to do it myself with that photoshop program using the Generic file, but i cant figure it out.

If anyone could help that be great!


I will try to have you something in the next update (maybe in a week or so).  But as far as Adult Comedy, do you mean video or stand up comedy?


Please do not hijack theads.  If you want to promote your thumbs start your own thread.


Sweet thanks man, Adult Comedy like American Pie so forth. Just to keep it in a place that the kids know not to go.

Thanks again

hi there

in the template “genre.xcf”

i cant see the text any were?

its all images/layers :-/

is it possible for u to uploade a template so its possible to edit the text also - og guide me if its already there :-/

i tryed to just make new text and rotate it - but then comes the problem making the reflect :smiley:

Hope u can help me with a guide or something about how to make these folders :smiley:

thx alot

In the download, look under TV Series and look at the “Season text.xcf”.  The same text is used.

If you don’t have that font it’s called “Bergell LET Thin”.