TVIX box about to die - need alternative

Hello everyone

As my subject title says, my TVIX box is about to die and I need to find a suitable alternative (and fast)

I have many, many films and TV series in many different formats (DVD files and ISO’s, AVI, MKV, BluRay files and ISO’s) most are in H264 format but some are XVID. Resolutions all mixed up from DVD size all the way to full HD and have various audio AC3, DTS AAC etc, etc Some are on a connected external drive and some are on a Synology NAS.

My TVIX currently uses simple movie sheets and folder icons in the form of 2 jpeg files in the folder with the movie files.

Will the WD TV Live be a suitable alternative? 

Will the movie sheets jpeg be displayed or will I have to use a 3rd party firmware?

Your help is much appreciated.

I can’t answer the movie sheet question. But as a previous TVIX owner I can say the WD TV Live does stream as well if not better than the TVIX- and it doesn’t just turn itself off randomly like my TVIX did.

Not sure what model TVIX you have but no tv tuners or internal hard drive bay on the WD. I iuse a Humax for that