Tversivt or play on


Tversity and Play-on are not installed on WDTV.

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I have no experience with PlayOn but do use TVersity.  

You install it on your PC.  During installation it will make necessary changes to Windows firewall and generally do its best to make sure it’s visible as a media server on your network.

You need to manually add files / folders to TVersity’s library but make sure to specify that it does not Transcode the files.  Click Advanced when adding media in Library and set to ‘Never’, do the same in Settings > Transcoder.

Once that’s done and it has found your videos, you should be able to view them on the WD TV Live (Video > Media Server > TVersity).  Might need to restart TVersity (Settings > General > Restart Sharing).

Your PC needs to be turned on and TVersity running for this to work.  The PC and WD TV Live need to be networked (i.e. connected to the same router or network switch), wired or wirelessly.

Hopefully that’s enough to get it working for you but post back with any questions and I’ll try to explain further if I can.

To add to PixelPower’s post/answer, it’s mostly about money for most folks.  Tversity is free while Playon is expensive and I believe it is a monthly cost.  For me, that kind of high additional expense is most detracting form investing in the player only to be slaved to a subscription–why pay if you don’t have to.   Playon is supposed to offer several features the free media streamers don’t but only you can decide if that kind of expense it worth it to you.

Play on is $30 one time fee. (Not Expensive at all) Tiversity is free except for the PRO Version. The Pro version is what gives you all the inteernet Feeds. and is $40.

I personally use Playon I has lots of plugins to get you access to many sites and is dead simple to configure.