Tversity, Hub, new Streaming, Thumbnails, etc. It has to be easy somehow

I have had my hub for nearly a year with a 2TB external connected. I purchased the new streaming box for bedroom so I decided to move external to pc & use Tversity server; I have no problems yet accessing or playing the videos. My problem right now is no thumbnails or info about videos.

Is there any software to create thumbnails for my video library that will work with wd?

Is it even possible to display the thumbnails & .xml info with the box connected using tversity?

Also, anyone know how I can set this up to go straight to my videos instead of clicking multiple menus to get to my videos?

Dunno if it helps, but I want to add that I have always used folder view. I have my files in separate folders, ie Drama, Comedy, TV Shows, zNew, etc. None are in their own folders except for collections, ie American Pie & seasons for TV Shows, etc.

Is there any software to create thumbnails for my video library that will work with wd?

The question is whether or not they work with TVersity Server, and XML does not.

If you access your PC via Network Shares, the same thumbs and metadata will work as-is.

You can program a remote Hot Key in the SETUP / OPERATIONS menu to go straight to videos.

I chose Tversity because I thought I would need it to stream the videos. Is there an easy route so I can still view the thumbnails, etc?

Yup… Just share your video folders and access them through “Network Shares.”

My goal is to have two external drives connected to my computer used to stream videos to my hub which is connected with WD live wire, and I plan on connecting the new live streaming box when it arrives Tuesday wirelessly. I want to be able to view the thumbnails & xml through folder filter. Using your above suggestion, I am hoping to be able to do all of this with no video interruption, lol.

You say this will work for me? I am not great with all this stuff but I do usually get it all to work in the end