TVDB XML Fetcher for WD TV Live Hub

with all of the changes in the firmwares since the release of the WD TV Live Hub i’m wondering if anyone uses the

Hub to get content from the TVDB or if Tony’s XML Fethcer is a beter option and you then follow up with the textcrawler

to edit the title tags so the Hub sorts the episodes correctly.

I love the XML fetcher and have my files named as shown below. I use the view that displays the episode info and

there is a thumbnail for each episode  and i now know these are .metathumb files that are being displayed and i would like to for my episode thumbnails to be .metathumb files. Is this possible ?

WD’s Family.S01E01.mkv

WD’s Family.S01E01.jpg

WD’s Family.S01E01.xml

WD’s Family.S01E02.mkv

WD’s Family.S01E02.jpg

WD’s Family.S01E02.xml

I used the textcrawler and it went perfect and all of my .xml files have a 0 ( zero ) in front of episodes 1 thru 9 yet the ordering is still off.

I still get the following.







If you’ve edited the xml files for episodes 1-9 to add a leading zero to each episode number, then you have to CLEAR the media library using the menu option and let the device recreate the library using your revised xml files. At least that is what works for me after YAVTA (Yet Another Valuable TonyPh Answer).  :smileyvery-happy: 

Nothing else I tried has forced the rebuild. Kinda dumb to have to completely clear and recreate the library to accomplish this, especially if you frequently add new TV seasons/episodes and/or have a large video library to compile, but that’s the way it is at the moment.

Try it and see.

“Not Richard”

Yes, thank you dfrench that did it. I  fixed the other issue with my episode thumbnails not being displayed due to the old .metathumb was in the cache , so i deleted everything in the .wd_tv hidden directory. It also wiped out my theme but that was easily fixed.

Thanks Again