TVDB XML Fetcher do not work for Dr House

   Hi guys,

   I’m a big fan a Dr House and I’ve downloaded the first episodes of season 8. I’ve then tried, as usual, to create XML files and images using “TVDB XML Fetcher” and was surprise by the result. It failed with the following error:

S-XML Read Error: Conversion from string “1.0” to type ‘Double’ is not valid.
Fetching Banner XML Data for 73255…


I’ve downloaded the latest available version ( and set my Preferred language to EN (previously, it was FR), but got the same error. I suspect that there is a wrong value for the series on But, I don’t know how to find it. Did anyone get the same error? Any help would be appreciated.

(Thanks for XML Fetcher tool which works very well in most cases :-))

One other person reported the same error.

It seems to be PC specific, because he tried it on another computer and it worked fine.

Make sure you have Microsoft .NET 4.0 runtimes installed, as per the instructions.

It´s not “DR. House” it is House M.D.

Jagus wrote:

It´s not “DR. House” it is House M.D.

OP has the correct Series ID, so that’s not an issue.