TV Shuts Off at Random Intervals

My WD TV Live Plus is Great! when it works properly, and it worked properly for about two months, but now it has an annoying problem in that the TV (a Sony Bravia 46" flat screen) shuts off when watching video from the hard drive attached to the WD TV Live Plus box.  (The hard drive is a a WD My Book 2TB drive, but the same thing happens with any attached drive.)  The problem seems to happen less when the WD TV Live Plus box has been off for a day or so.  Then it may take an hour before the problem starts.  If the box has been on within  24 hours, the problem occurs essentially immediately and shuts the TV off every few minutes)  When the TV is turned on again, the WD TV Live Plus box seems to be continuing on as if nothing had happened.   I have looked extensively through the TV setting for anything that might cause the TV to shut off (such as on say loss of signal), but have found nothing useful.  I have tried a variety of different connections to the TV and a variety of different cables without success.  I should add, that when the TV turns off, it does not turn off in the normal way where the power on LED goes off, but rather the Power on LED turns red.  (The red LED would seem to suggest that the TV has shut down in response to some sort of threat, like a power surge or something.)  The TV seems to restart normally and the power on LED turns green until the next shut down incident.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

I am suspicious that it may be a mechanical/electrical problem with the box, perhaps caused by the heat generated by the operation of the box.  If this is the case, is there anything that can be done to correct the problem?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has a suggestion to help with this problem.

What does the troubleshooting section of the TV’s manual say about the power LED turning red?

Do you mean to say that your TV does not show a red light when its in standby?

I have learned a bit more since my initial post.  I have never put the TV into standby intentionally and I am confident that would produce the “Red” light.  What I have learned is that the blinking red light is an error code and I am told it indicates a problem with the TV itself.  I will attempt to contact SONY support tomorrow to get confirmation of the problem.  When I understand the problem I will update my post and let everyone know what the fix is if in fact it can be fixed.

Thanks for your interest!