TV Shows

Is there any way to have tv shows and movies in seperate menus?

TV Shows can be filtered and shown by themselves, but unfortunately, there’s no way to view Movies without TV shows.


I have a friend who is looking to do just this.  could you give steps to Filter TV shows vs. Movies? 

I put in a idea to add a category to the main menu, but it’s only received 5 kudos so far,  so i am doubting WD will act on it.



Change the FILTER (via the Green Button) to TV Shows.

Ha! that sounds too simple. 

thanks!   I will try when i get home. 


Ok, I miss understood.  Just talked with my friend, and he clarified it.

You can see just the TV shows, but what if you want to only see the Movies?  is there a filter for that as well?


As I said above, " unfortunately, there’s no way to view Movies without TV shows."

sorry, missed that statement.  

thanks for clarifying.


Too bad that would be nice to be able to have 2 different main menu items with one for tv shows and another for movies