TV shows "video mode not compatible"


I’ve had a WDTV Live for some time now. I use it by HDMI with a Philips LCD 42" PFL 3604. The only issue I’ve had till now was the famous “spinning wheel” with compressed headers on MKVs. That was fixed later on.

Now I’ve have another problem. Last time I used it (a week ago), I updated the firmware to the lastest and I’ve watched a movie like always do. But, today, when I tried to turn it on, I have a nice “video mode not compatible” when selecting the HDMI source on the TV. This TV shows a blue screen when it has no signal, when I turn on the WDTV the screen blinks blue and black and shows that video not compatible legend. Turning on and off the WDTV, sometimes the TV remains black with nothing on screen, and others just blue. But it never works. I tried on another HDMI input of the TV but nothing.

So, I went and searched for a RCA cable lying around. Hooked it up and it works perfect (obviously it looks eye-cancer). Tried resetting the software to factory defaults, and setting various HDMI modes on the video config including Auto. Nothing. It reverts to RCA and when trying the HDMI again it’s the same story as before.

I noted that the HDMI plug on the WDTV end was somewhat loose. On the TV it’s firmly plugged. I dissembled the WDTV and tried that way, the HDMI plugs sits more firmly, but it doesn’t affect the issue. I also tried resetting to factory defaults in the TV config. Again, nothing.

I’m helpless. The TV, WDTV Live, the new firmware, and the cable all worked a week ago. It was just turned off and no one touch it. Now it “magically” doesn’t work. Maybe the cable broke god-only0knows-how, I don’t have anywhere else to try it, my LCD monitors are all DVI only.

And on another note. When trying the RCA, the plugs “colors” don’t match. It’s a miniplug on one side and the 3 RCA connectros on the other. When matching the plug colors on the TV end I get nothing. I finally made it work connecting the “white” plug to the video (yellow) end on the TV and connecting the miniplug end halfway in the WDTV. Are different types of these cables? How do I know which miniplug matches the WDTV output so I get the correct video/signals on the plug colors?

Same for the video composite. And also, can I use a normal RCA cable (like the one above, yellow, white and red) for outputting video composite? I may use it like that till I find some solution to the HDMI problem dry.gif

And on another note (the last one tongue.gif). The device has not been used for a whole week. Yet when I touched it to verify the HDMI cable today after being turned on for less than a minute, it was warm. Too warm for being turned on only a couple of secs. It has been “off” for 1 week, but it remained plugged to the wall. I believe that ■■■■ doesn’t turn off, and gets like in a “suspended” state instead. Any ideas why? It’s useless. It’s just consumes energy and wears out the device by being on all the time.

Also, when you plug the WDTV, without touching it, automatically turns on.

P.S.: I’m getting fed up on this thingy. First the endless spinning wheel, now HDMI magically stops working. Then it doesn’t turn off unsure.gif

You have to use the cables that came with the WDTV. They are composite (yellow (video) and red / white (audio)). Component is Green/Blue/Red.

If you have the WDTV plugged into the power then it is never ‘off’. If it is not on then it is in standby and therefore will be slightly warm to the touch.

Yes when you plug it into power it does turn on automatically.