TV Shows not scraped?

I seem to have  most of my movies scaped for metadata ok. Bit hard to tell as it takes so long, but it seems to be getting there.

It does not seem to have even looked at any of the TV shows though. Is there some mysterious naming standard the unit expects? I looked through the manual, but it does not seem to mention naming conventions at all.

I have the same TV shows in XBMC just fine - all fanart, etc. I have each show in a folder that is the name of the show. Then sub folders for each season (ie Season 1, Season 2, etc).  Inside each season folder I have each episode named in the standard format ‘s01e01, s01e02, etc’.

Use the format ‘Show Name.SxxEyy.ext’.  I think they need to be capital S and E.

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TonyPh12345 wrote:

Use the format ‘Show Name.SxxEyy.ext’.  I think they need to be capital S and E.

Not really a practical solution. Not that I am saying that you are wrong, of course. But my quite large media library is on the central NAS and is used by two other XBMC media HTPC machines, plus a Plex server. I would also have to rename about 20,000+ shows and there is no way I am going to do that. I have renaming software that will help with a lot, but many will have to be redone manually. Then I would have to update the XBMC and Plex servers…not a viable solution. I would rather chuck the WDTV thing in the bin.

It seems it is too slow for much use anyway, so that alone may consign it to history. It does not look like it is designed to handle large media libraries (it only handle 8 network shares - how amazing is that!). TonyPh12345, I note you have a large NAS (I have the Synology DS1812+) - I presume that you have a fairly decent media library - does this unit work ok for you?

It also has no volume control, and it does not have time skip. The time skip thing alone will probably mean that no one in my family will use it. Ah well, not looking good…

Yep; it works great for me.

kneighbour wrote:

…but many will have to be redone manually.

Any filename convention that is consistent could be done automatically.

If you have that many that would have to be redone manually, then even XBMC wouldn’t find it…

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I am using “The Renamer” to rename shows. It often does not find the correct show, or finds none at all. For those I need to do a manual rename. 

I have found another problem with renaming all the shows in that format - the names are simply too long to display comfortably. This is true in XBMC and WDTV.

I have given up on the media library idea in WDTV - it is simply too slow to use. Menu traversal is about 10 seconds per level - way too slow for anyone except a saint to put up with. The media libary is useless with photos and music, and never found TV Shows (even renamed), so it was really only good for Movies anyway. I might see if I can put it back on with just the Movies shares - that cuts the list down considerably - I only have about 2,000 movies. WDTV might be able to handle that. But for now it is turned off.

You’re mixing up totally unrelated things.

The WDTV doesn’t display filenames – At least, it shouldn’t…  and if you are expecting it to, then there’s no need to rename them.

If you’re using Media LIbrary, then you can attach content info.

And the content info contains TITLES, not File Names.  And the TITLE can be whatever you want it to be.