TV Shows from DVD

Im having a **bleep** of a time trying to get my Hub to display folder art for TV shows I ripped in VOB format. No matter what I have tried, I cannot get the Meta search to search for a TV show instead of a Movie.

I’ve since abandoned using the VOB format in favor of ISO - originally I was looking at the storage savings being able to rip out the language/audio tracks and whatnot I didnt need or want. Aside from having to fake a whole disk as a single episode to get the Meta search to function and having to change it later, it works fine. I dislike how most of these systems assume you’re recording single episodes at a time, but its a minor inconvenience.

Is there any trick to force the hub to do a TV search or am I looking at having to re-copy these seasons as ISO?

Have you tried using a different meta server?