"TV Shows" filter option

How does the Hub recognize TV shows? I have several TV episodes on the internal drive in a folder named “TV”, media library is enabled, but when I try and filter by TV Show I get “folder contains no media”. Running the latest firmware. Can’t find anything in the user manual or the forums.

Help is appreciated!

That’s a function of the MEDIA LIBRARY.

The file and its content info needs to be imported into the media library.

If it’s not “Scraping” the content info for the show, it may be an issue with how the file is named.

Once it IS scraped as a TV show, it will then appear under that filter.

I have the episodes compiled into the media library - I used WDTVLiveHubGen to generate info (.xml & .jpg) for the episodes, I will try “get info” from within the Hub interface and see if that works.


I don’t think HubGen is creating the XML in the TV-specific format, but I’m not sure.

You might want to check in the Author’s thread here: